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inkey 摩匙是一间专业且极具探索精神的跨学科设计事务所,我们通过品牌与视觉传达设计、工业与产品设计以及策略、艺术和概念指导等专业工作与具有设计意识的委托方一起创造独特且面向当代与未来的问题解决方案。我们坚信品质创造价值,追求极致且前瞻性的设计品质和产品体验,为品牌重新定义价值。
inkey is a hope-led cross-disciplinary design agency based in Shanghai. We work with design-conscious clients on progressive solutions by providing them with a variety of professional services on branding & communication design, and industrial & product design, as well as concept and art direction. Clients work directly with us and benefit from our open, collaborative process, and our commitment to creating advanced design experiences.